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K&J Plumbing & HVAC


Company History & Experience

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Kenny served in the U.S. Navy from 1989 to 2000. When he got out of the service, he started his HVAC/Plumbing career.  He was located in Denver, Colorado at the time.  His career became more specialized upon moving to Rifle, Colorado.  This is where Kenny became a partner in, U.S. Boiler and Plumbing Company.  Kenny has surpassed all his expectations.  He knew he was good at his job and stood out with his attention to detail and Kenny's God given gift at making everyone he talks to feel important.  When he moved to Oklahoma, he didn't want to start up a business right away, but wanted to be an employee for a few years to learn the area and the needs of the Oklahoma climate. He quickly became a valuable employee; a lead, top performing technician, who was constantly in the spotlight. His diverse skill set allowed him to jump seamlessly from plumbing to HVAC when the need called for it.  Kenny also installed one of the very few residential boilers with in-floor radiant heating in the whole state of Oklahoma, with rave reviews from the homeowner. 

Kenny has a standard that is recognized the minute you meet him.  He can solve many problems with troubleshooting and experience, in the most time efficient way.  He has often come behind other technicians with a gumption to solve what they couldn’t do, all with the customer’s perspective in mind.  

He has 23 years of experience in satisfying consumer’s needs. From plumbing issues like; water flow, water heaters, leaks, water temperature, better fixtures, gas issues, to AC issues like; better air flow, help with allergies, cleaner air, AC maintenance, and more.

Company Values & Beliefs

K & J Plumbing & HVAC Services believes that every customer has a story.  Because we care so much and have standards of honesty and integrity, some might say that this company is a Christian company.  I'm not sure being closed on Sundays, printing bible verses on publications, or playing Christian music in the customer's ear during the time they are on hold, makes them Christian.  Kenny and Jennifer believe that the focus should be on the businessman or women that own and operate the business and should integrate their convictions and principles with their work.  It is important for us to remember why we are in business and why we think K&J Plumbing & HVAC Services is the business you should trust.  

It is because we apply our Christian beliefs that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and it is because of Him that we get to trust God that we will be able to keep our focus away from self-centered, unethical practices, and we will focus on sustainability, serving others, being honest with every transaction, providing high quality services, and finding ways to serve others and create value by loving one another. 


Meet the Team

Jennifer is working to fit your appointment in, make sure we have the parts needed for your job and also helping keep your HVAC and Plumbing running smoothly.


We can't wait to hear from you!

Jennifer with K&J Plumbing & HVAC
Kayla with K&J Plumbing & HVAC

Kayla is working with us to help solve your plumbing and HVAC problems. Her updated biography will be here shortly!

This is Eleanor! She's our leak detection dog and specializes in searching for Potable Only water.

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If your water pressure is low, you should start by checking the aerator in your faucets.

In your home...

Expect that shoe covers will always be worn while in your home. While work is being done, there will be a barrier put on floor inside home, a barrier on counters in kitchens and bathrooms, and rubber gloves worn when needed.  

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